Fairmont Spencer for individuals

Whether you’re a time-pressed executive relocating to Manchester for a new job, or you’re moving your family to start a new life in Cheshire, Fairmont Spencer prides itself on sourcing the ideal home for your circumstances. The highly experienced team has sourced and brokered property deals for everyone from sheiks to Managing Directors of FTSE 250 companies and has quietly helped celebrities from sport and screen, where discretion is of utmost importance.

The team at Fairmont Spencer understand what requirements are needed to find the right property match for the right client. This begins by ensuring the right fit between your relocation agent and you. This “personal chemistry” is what forms the basis of a successful property search.

Our initial meeting is all about getting to know you and the parameters of your search. Once we have this brief, we can then go to work.

Why use Fairmont Spencer’s property search services?

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