Sourcing a property from afar can present a number of challenges – not least because moving cities often comes as a result of an accelerated career or change in family circumstances – which is why Fairmont’s Spencer’s relocation service is designed to take the weight from your shoulders.

Manchester and Cheshire property search specialists, Fairmont Spencer, offer a complete search and select property service will fill you with confidence and excitement about moving home and city.

Poised and ready to network with exceptional contacts in the Manchester and Cheshire property community on your behalf to find the perfect Cheshire house or Manchester city centre apartment. The Fairmont Spencer team will ensure your relocation is as stress-free as possible.

In addition to our property search services, select from a suite of relocation services, including:

Familiarisation tours – to give you a flavour of the diverse areas of Manchester and Cheshire a vailable to you. We know that the property you end up buying or renting, is only a part of a successful relocation. We’ll ensure you have an enjoyable day whilst offering you an insight into areas we feel might fit your requirements. We’ll take an holistic approach and also help you in your search for the perfect schools or gyms – whatever you need to smooth the way for your relocation to Cheshire.

Rest assured that we’re as exacting as you are in the pursuit of your perfect Cheshire property and once you’ve purchased or rented your ideal house, whether that’s a country manor, a city centre apartment or a Victorian villa, we can help you acclimatise to life in Cheshire, with:

Settling In services – spanning everything from sourcing a respected builder to modify your new home, to introducing you to respected interiors experts. Brief us on your property search