International Relocation

Founder of Fairmont Spencer, Nicholas Thompson, was inspired to launch his property search and relocation business having experienced first hand the challenges of searching for a property when helping to relocate family members internationally.

The world is growing ever smaller thanks to innovation and improvements in international travel. The world is opening up and almost no corner is left untouched by this progress. Despite rise of working online, companies still need to place their best people on the ground in the countries they’re operating in.

Serviced by the internationally acclaimed Manchester Airport, Manchester is now the official second city of the United Kingdom. Both Manchester and Cheshire are key destinations for international corporate relocation and Fairmont Spencer is the intelligent solution for international assignments.

Our International relocation services include:

Local culture and customs training – the world is a rich and diverse place, and when you – or your staff – are relocating from one side of the globe to the other, it’s always a comfort to know that you’re treating different cultures and people with respect, without inadvertently insulting local customs. You simply can’t put a value on local knowledge, and we can arrange training sessions that will instill complete pre-move confidence.
Set up of international bank accounts – Fairmont Spencer can handle the logistics and administration of setting up a local bank account, as well as opening doors to the most elite UK banking partners.
Visa and immigration – there’s enough to consider when relocating without becoming tied up in the bureaucracy of securing a visa. Fairmont Spencer has many years of experience in easing the visa and immigration process for both individuals and companies.