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Manchester Rated Best UK City to Live In

Manchester City Centre

In 2016 Manchester was ranked as the 51st best city to live in, ahead of London in 55th position.

This year’s results show continued improvement. Manchester has performed even better, climbing the ladder to 46th, whilst London climbs to 53rd position.

The source of this report comes from the Economist’s Intelligence Unit and rates cities out of a possible score of 100 in the areas of environment and infrastructure, education, health care, stability and culture.

City Tourism chiefs express no surprise whatsoever in seeing Manchester so highly placed, the city speaks for itself based on the evidence of huge positive changes helping to make life here significantly richer.

The country wearing the crown, once again is Australia, with Melbourne in first position with a best rating of 97.5. This is normal practice for the city as this is the 5th time in a row they have dominated.

A​ndrew Stokes, chief executive at Marketing Manchester, said: “For those of us who live and work here, it comes as no surprise to hear that Manchester has once again been listed amongst the world’s most liveable cities and, indeed, the highest ranking city in the UK.

“Manchester has been on an upward trajectory for the best part of two decades now and wherever you look – be it science, transport, culture, property, investment – there is evidence of huge positive change helping to make life here significantly richer.”

He added: “We’ve got award-winning museums and galleries, a packed calendar of theatre and cultural events, a burgeoning food and drink sector and first class sporting institutions like Manchester United and Manchester City throwing a global spotlight on to the city each weekend.

“Combine this with rapidly improving infrastructure and fantastic investment and careers opportunities and you have the making of a very exciting place to live.”​

Nicholas Thompson, Managing Director of Fairmont Spencer commented.

“Fairmont Spencer are seeing an increased demand for great quality property from clients moving to Manchester from all corners of the globe. The ease of living and the opportunities that Manchester offers, makes the North West of the UK a credible alternative to London.”