Scientific Relocation

Scientific Relocation

Manchester has been officially named the European City of Science for 2016.

This accolade is just one of many received by Manchester in recent years. The honour will last for 2 years culminating in Europe’s largest conference, the ESOF or the Euro Science Open Forum – in Summer 2016. ESOF is held once every two years and is dedicated to European scientific research and innovation, and was recently hosted in the Summer 2014 in Copenhagen. Acting as yet another injection for the health of Manchester, the event in the summer of 2016 hopes to attract circa 4,500 visiting delegates to the North West and generating £8.3m for the Manchester economy. Among the many guests will be world technological leaders and scientific pioneers.

The pedigree of science and innovation in Manchester is rich, from the work of John Dalton on atomic theory to the first programmable computer and the recent discovery of the advanced material, Graphene. This new material, Graphene is said to boast better strength than steel and better conductivity than copper. There are many exciting innovations coming from the UK’s first industrial powerhouse, with Manchester making large strides in many new exciting areas of innovation. there has never been a more exciting time.

The new European funded scientific incubator centre on Oxford Road is nurturing new innovations in acoustics, artificial intelligence and smart textiles. Nicholas Thompson, Managing Director of Fairmont Spencer stated:

“This event is well deserved for the City of Manchester. For over 10 years now, the City has been pro active in bringing new companies to Manchester, from the scientific community as well as many other sectors. Among the Top 20 Best European Cities in which to do business, we can only see more demand for relocation services to Manchester and the North West of the United Kingdom”.