Local Knowledge

The Fairmont Spencer team are Manchester and Cheshire property specialists.

With an unrivalled knowledge of the most prestigious properties, hidden gems and up-and-coming areas to watch, the team clearly differentiate between properties their clients may want to move into and those that would make sound additions to an investment portfolio.

Just one conversation with founder of Fairmont Spencer, Nicholas Thompson and professionals relocating to Manchester or Cheshire to further their career, are instantly infected by his natural enthusiasm for the region.

The Manchester and Cheshire property landscape is hugely varied: from penthouse city centre apartments, to sensational country mansions, there’s a perfect home and setting to suit everyone’s taste.

Benefitting from stunning countryside, the exclusive golden Cheshire triangle of Prestbury, Wilmslow and Alderly Edge are the jewels in the region’s crown, dotted with exquisite mansions and executive homes – some of the most luxurious properties in the UK. Vibrant suburbs the likes of Hale and Didsbury, buzz with independent eateries and luxury boutiques.

The beauty of Manchester lies not just in its dynamic city – home to Manchester United and City football clubs – but its proximity to the coast and country, made simple with fantastic transport links.

Drawing on in-depth local knowledge and a bursting black book of property contacts, the Fairmont Spencer team works tirelessly to source its clients’ dream Cheshire and Manchester homes.

Local Knowledge