Fine dining in Hale


Fine dining in Hale
Nicholas Thompson’s dining tips for foodies relocating to Hale

As a confirmed foodie, founder of Fairmont Spencer, Nicholas Thompson, agreed to be interviewed on his gastro tips for people considering relocating to Hale.


Nicholas, would you describe yourself as a food and wine buff?

‘’Well, I definitely appreciate great food and wine. That’s not to say I’m a snob when it comes to gourmet – I’m just as happy with a really fantastic take away curry or Chinese delivered to my door as I am sampling the delicacies of a Michelin starred restaurant.’’

So, what are your tips for food lovers who are considering relocating to Cheshire’s prestigious Hale?

‘’There are so many options to choose from for great food in Hale, that it really depends on the occasion. So, let me break this down a little, into my top tips for different moods and circumstances.

‘’For an intimate night at home in your Fairmont Spencer sourced property(!), there are two routes to take in Hale. If you’re pulling out all the stops to woo your wife, it’s well worth trying the wonderful private dining specialists who work closely with a number of high profile athletes from premiership footballers and rugby players, to international dressage riders. It’s inspiring to see the impressive home dining meals they create that still adhere to strict sportsperson’s dietary requirements.

‘’Of course, wine plays a vital role in any dining experience and Hale’s hits all the right notes, with an expert team on hand to discuss everything from the perfect wine for warmer weather to how genetic research has triggered a revolution for wine merchants. As well as Fairmont Spencer I actually also run an international wine business – my love and passion in life is wine that leaves the drinker inspired – so you’re receiving this recommendation from someone to whom wine matters!

‘’For a more relaxed night at home in Hale, I’d heartily recommend the Raj Tandori Takeaway. All I can say is that you can trust the chef’s recommendations – and don’t forget to pick up a gorgeous bottle of red for full enjoyment.

‘’Now, if you’re looking for a restaurant experience worth talking about in Hale, I’d definitely recommend the Hale Grill. Devoid of pretention, but bursting with atmosphere and flavour, this is a local eaterie you won’t tire of. Of course, there’s also TV chef Simon Rimmer’s Earle, in the heart of Hale. I love to book out the intimate upstairs dining space for when I’m in the mood to escape the crowds.

Relocation advice - Cheshire restaurants
Relocating to Cheshire? Experience Earle’s private dining

‘’A truly cosmopolitan suburb, there are always new restaurants popping up in Hale. It’s set to see the launch of Manchester celebrity favourite, Neighbourhood’s sister restaurant, Victor, which will be a 200-cover restaurant, featuring a DJ booth and 1am licence to ensure guests can party the night away. The menu, I am told, is to include Asian influences, as well as the New York style dishes that have proven so popular at Neighbourhood.’

Nicholas you are making our mouths water. So we’ve covered eating in and eating out, but what about daily conveniences?

‘’I have heard that boutique supermarket Booths is set to open in Hale Barns whose centre is undergoing an impressive face lift. For the ultimate in convenience, I also understand that local dairy will soon be delivering in Hale for online customers, which means store cupboard essentials delivered in time for breakfast – so there’s no need to even nip to the corner shop. That’s the kind of laid back lifestyle I like!’’

relocating to Hale - where to shop
A host of upmarket delis and supermarkets in Hale