• Ben Hall - CEO
    “It is no co-incidence that a well-dressed property sells quicker and for a higher asking price. Fairmont Spencer effectively use dressings and furniture to achieve the best possible result for their developments”.
    Ben Hall - CEO
    Loft Interiors
  • Eddie Ellis - Owner
    “Having worked with the Fairmont Spencer team for a number of years, it is always a pleasure to list a development as the quality is consistently great. Once a sale is agreed, the JP & Brimelow and Fairmont Spencer team work together to swiftly progress the sale to it’s conclusion” .
    Eddie Ellis - Owner
    JP & Brimelow
  • Simon James
    It is a pleasure working with Fairmont Spencer. Nick and his team clearly understand the value of design. Looking forward to years of creating great spaces.
    Simon James
    Simon James Arq Ltd.
  • David Grimshaw - Senior Business Development Manager
    “The success of a project often comes down to the correct form of funding, and putting that funding to its optimum use. Fairmont Spencer have always financially completed and performed as they have forecasted”.


Fairmont Spencer is a residential property development company that specialise in the sourcing, design and development of residential property in the North West of England.

We are able to cover all aspects of the process from start to finish ustiising our in house team and calling on our trusted external partners where needed.

Over time, we have developed a tried and trusted method resulting in a turn key approach to development. Each development is of course different, but falls within our framework.

We are always searching for potential property deals where the maximum value can be extracted.


Property investment is recognised as an excellent long term investment which has the ability to be turbo-charged by leveraging the property with mortgage financing.

As owners of residential property, Fairmont Spencer is continually looking to add to and maintain our existing property holdings.

With an ever changing residential rental market, opportunities frequently arise and we welcome discussions with existing property owners who are seeking to dispose of their residential property holdings.


There are multiple benefits in carrying out a project as a JV where collaboration brings together different benefits to the deal.

Often an owner will wish to develop out a property but does not have the financing or the access to skills required in order to transform the property. Other times a Joint Venture appeals as a larger project can be carried out with reduced exposure between multiple parties.

Normally when assessing any joint venture, each party is to be needs to be mindful of what is to brought to the deal, be it financing, expertise, skills sets. Fairmont Spencer continually seeks to evaluate and create Joint Venture partnerships with suitable third parties.


Fairmont Spencer is a property investment and property development company operating in the South Manchester area. We buy property to hold as an investment, or radically improve before selling. Our extensive experience means that we are able to identify, transact and complete projects quickly and transparently.